Apple Ceviz Orta Sehpa Takımı

Apple Ceviz Orta Sehpa Takımı

Genişlik: 50 Cm/ Derinlik: 50 Cm/ Yükseklik: 52 Cm

Genişlik: 80 Cm/ Derinlik: 80 Cm/ Yükseklik: 36 Cm

Genişlik: 110 Cm/ Derinlik: 76 Cm/ Yükseklik: 30 Cm

Ürünlerimizde yüksek kalite standartlarına olan bağlılığımızı, müşterilerimize duyduğumuz tam güven ile birleştiriyoruz. Her bütçeye uygun fiyatlarımızla kaliteli ürünleri sizlere sunmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz.

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  • Chargers
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  • Power & Cables

All-rounded Protection

Rated for drops up to 6 feet, these cases include additional internal shock-absorbing geometry to protect your phone. A series of ribs surround the phone and are specifically designed to direct force away from the device during an impact. We even leave room for you to apply a screen protector, giving you that extra comfort.

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We’ve been working on perfecting bioplastics that feel good, wear well, and compost when you’re finished using them as a phone case. You’ll find the same great material in our iPhone Bio Case.

Our bioplastic is verified to meet U.S. (ASTM D6400-04) and E.U. (EN13432) standards for compostability. It means you can toss your case in the city compost bin when you upgrade your phone.


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